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Julian Long on Ray Rice


Black men. Fellas. Brothers.

I need you to stop complaining about Ray Rice’s (much deserved and yet woefully insufficient punishment) RIGHT NOW.

When we - Black men are beaten, slain, left in the street and otherwise persecuted our sisters, our mothers, our women stand for us with nearly…

Thank you. So much truth.



Quick reminder that Ray Rice and the Ravens made Janay Palmer apologize for her role in Ray Rice’s punching her

Remember that that shit happens all the time. Ya’ll wanted to sit here before and say shit like “Maybe she started it” or “We don’t even know if he punched her” and now there’s full…

So much truth.

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I am back finally and will be posting more often. I will also start talking more on here. Alright, enjoy.

I am back finally and will be posting more often. I will also start talking more on here. Alright, enjoy.


"Sit the fuck down …nobody leaves till I get my nip"

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This is the funniest thig I have seen all year.

I am too sad right now, rest in peace Robin Williams.

I am too sad right now, rest in peace Robin Williams.


reblog if you ARE gay, if you SUPPORT gays, or if you like to OPEN people’s WINDOWS in the middle of the NIGHT and put DOZENS of GEESE in their BEDROOMS

Done and done

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Both albums are beautiful.  I give no fucks on how you feel about Coldplay, all I know is that these albums are impressive.  The violin solos, the drums, the organ, every instrument in this album is uniquely crafted to tell a story.  This album has flow, and yes it is a mainstream band, but even for mainstream, this album is just amazing. When I popped this cd in I was taken away by the lyrics, by the sheer artistry that was put into this whole thing.  This is more than the popular song “Viva La Vida”, even though that song is really great.  My favorites are Violet Hill, Yes, Cemeteries of London, 42, Death and all his Friends, and the beautiful opening Life in Technicolor. And then we have Viva La Vida (Prospekt’s March EP) which goes even deeper into what they were trying to create, beauty.  Songs like Life in Technicolor ii bring in words to the wonderful instrumental that opened Viva La Vida, then we go into Postcards from Far Away, and light piano piece, that takes you to where some one Is getting these postcards from some place that they have never been too.  And finally Glass of Water, and Prospekt’s March/ Poppy Fields, so dark and lovely.  If you have not listened to these albums, you truly have missed the hell out. 

The Misogynoir and Silencing Against Black Women Who Speak Out On Street Harassment


As I mentioned in an announcement post for #YouOkSis and a recent anti-street harassment post #NotJustHello, #YouOkSis (started by Black feminist thinker, writer and social worker @FeministaJones) is a dialogue for Black women to speak openly and freely about the reality of violence in…

I love this.


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